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Design Concept

The car wrap was creatively developed to represent the laundry cleaning journey, tailored specifically for the startup's brand identity. Beginning with dirty laundry on the driver's side, symbolizing the pickup of garments, the design then leads to the back of the car, featuring an artistically rendered washing machine, indicative of the cleaning phase. The narrative concludes on the passenger side, where clean, neatly arranged laundry is displayed, representing the delivery of freshly laundered items.

Rear View: Where Laundry Gets a Spin Towards Sparkling Clean.


  • Initial Phase: Brainstorming and conceptualizing a unique wrap design that resonated with the startup's innovative approach.
  • Driver Side: Applied high-resolution graphics of various dirty laundry items, capturing the startup phase of the service cycle.
  • Rear of the Car: Custom graphic of a washing machine with a playful and modern twist, aligning with the startup's fresh branding.
  • Passenger Side: Showcased vibrant and clean laundry graphics, emphasizing the successful outcome of the service.
Passenger Side: Delivering Freshness, Fold by Fold.


This bespoke car wrap successfully transformed the vehicle into a dynamic, mobile billboard, perfectly encapsulating the startup's journey from collecting dirty laundry to delivering it clean. It served not only as a marketing tool but also as a visual metaphor for the startup's commitment to revitalizing traditional laundry services with a fresh, customer-centric approach.

Client Feedback

The startup was thrilled with the car wrap, praising its alignment with their brand ethos and its effectiveness in visually communicating their service cycle. The eye-catching design has garnered positive public attention, significantly aiding in the startup's brand recognition and customer engagement efforts.

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